May 19, 2013

Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK)

KPKIndonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi) (abbreviated KPK) is a government agency established to fight corruption. The KPK vision is to free Indonesian from corruption. Its duties include investigating and prosecuting corruption cases and monitoring the governance of the state. It has the authority to request meetings and reports in the course of its investigations.It can also authorize wiretaps, impose travel bans, request financial information about suspects, freeze financial transactions and request the assistance of other law enforcement agencies.

KPK headquarters in Jakarta and is located in Building Commission - Jl HR Rasuna Said Kav C1 Jakarta. KPK is the government agency in Indonesia are moving to eradicate corruption. The agency has been operating in Indonesia since 2002 and was formed by the Government of Indonesia under Law No. 30/2002 on Corruption Eradication Commission. Since 2011 the leadership of KPK is Abraham Samad.

Main task of the Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi is : Coordination with institutions authorized to eradicate corruption; supervise institutions authorized to eradicate corruption; Doing inquiry, investigation, and prosecution of corruption; Perform preventive measures of corruption, and Doing monitor the implementation of the state government.

For those of you young professional candidates are energetic, intelligent, willing to work hard and be responsible, current Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) gives you the opportunity to develop a career filling vacancies, the following positions :
  • Pemeriksa Gratifikasi Utama
  • Pemeriksa Gratifikasi Madya
  • Pemeriksa Laporan Harta Kekayaan Penyelenggara Negara Muda
  • Penelaah Pengaduan Masyarakat Muda
  • Kepala Bagian Protokoler
  • Bendaharawan Bidang Informasi dan Data Muda
  • Koordinator Keamanan Madya
  • Pemeriksa Gratifikasi Muda
  • Pengawas Internal Madya
  • Pengawas Internal Muda
  • Penyelidik Muda
  • Penyidik Muda
  • Spesialis Hubungan Internasional Muda
  • Spesialis Hubungan Masyarakat Muda
  • Spesialis Jaringan Kerjasama Nasional Daerah Muda
  • Spesialis Acquisition & Implementation (Analis Sistem Informasi) Muda
  • Spesialis Bidang Penindakan Muda
  • Spesialis Hukum Muda
  • Spesialis Information Processing Analyst Muda
  • Spesialis Kampanye dan Sosialisasi Muda
  • Spesialis Koordinasi dan Supervisi Bidang Penindakan Muda
  • Spesialis Perencanaan Strategis Organisasi dan Tatalaksana
  • Spesialis Pelacakan Aset Madya
  • Spesialis Pelacakan Aset Muda
  • Spesialis Pelayanan Internal Madya
  • Spesialis Pelayanan Internal Muda
  • Spesialis Pendidikan Masyarakat Muda
  • Spesialis Penelitian, Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Muda
  • Spesialis Pengelola Laporan Harta Kekayaan Penyelenggara Negara Muda 1
  • Spesialis Pengelolaan Aset Madya
  • Spesialis Pengelolaan Aset Muda
  • Spesialis Perbendaharaan Muda
  • Spesialis Perencanaan dan Anggaran Muda
  • Spesialis Sumber Daya Manusia Muda
  • Spesialis Informasi dan Data Muda
  • Spesialis Verifikasi, Akuntansi dan Pelaporan Muda
  • Administrasi Pelayanan Internal Muda
  • Administrasi Umum Madya
  • Administrasi Umum Muda
  • Administrasi Gratifikasi Muda
  • Administrasi Hukum Muda
  • Administrasi Kesekretariatan Bidang Penindakan Muda
  • Administrasi Kesekretariatan Bidang Informasi dan Data Muda
  • Administrasi Kesekretariatan Bidang Pencegahan Muda
  • Administrasi Kesekretariatan Bidang Pengawasan Internal dan Pengaduan Masyarakat Muda
  • Administrasi Kesekretariatan Pimpinan Muda
  • Administrasi Koordinasi dan Supervisi Bidang Penindakan Muda
  • Administrasi Laporan Harta Kekayaan Penyelenggara Negara Muda
  • Administrasi Penelitian, Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Muda
  • Administrasi Penuntutan Muda
  • Administrasi Penyelidikan Muda
  • Administrasi Penyidikan Muda
  • Administrasi Sumber Daya Manusia Muda
  • Administrasi Unit Kerja Eksekusi Muda
  • Arsiparis Muda
  • Operation & Support Teknis Gedung Muda
  • Pengawas Regu Muda
  • Perawat Muda
  • Staf Acquisition & Implementation (Programer, Pengembangan Infrastruktur dan Pengolahan Informasi) Muda
  • Staf Planning & Monitoring (Manajemen TI) Muda
  • Staf Database Pengaduan Masyarakat Muda
  • Staf Delivery Support (Helpdesk) Muda
  • Staf Hubungan Masyarakat Muda
  • Staf Interception Muda
  • Staf Jaringan Informasi PJKAKI Muda
  • Staf Kampanye dan Sosialisasi Muda
  • Staf Multimedia Muda
  • Staf Perbendaharaan Muda
  • Staf Perencanaan dan Anggaran Muda
  • Staf Unit Layanan Pengadaan Muda
  • Staf Verifikasi, Akuntansi dan Pelaporan Muda
If you are interested please complete the application and CV, and you can apply directly online through the source of info : Lowongan KPK. The deadline for registration on 25 May 2013. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.
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